I know, long time ago since my last post. I was pretty busy working on a new sound effects library. Anyway, I made a tutorial video for the upcoming BOOM library. It is called “Cinematic Metal” and there will be two releases. One is the “Cinematic Metal – Impacts”, a library featuring high definition 96kHz, 24-Bit impact sounds to use in trailers, multimedia products, logo design ect. Besides that, the “Cinematic Metal – Construction Kit” will be shipped on two DVDs, including all the source material the Cinematic Metal – Impacts were made of. Again in 96kHz, 24-Bit. More than 4500 sounds will give you the possibilities, to create what ever metal impact (and other impacts) you ever wanted to design. Anyway, the following tutorial describes how to work with the Construction Kit using Soundminer and ProTools :

Cinematic Metal – Construction Kit Tutorial from BOOM Library on Vimeo.