One project I am currently working on is ArcaniA – A Gothic Tale (aka Gothic IV). We are trying to hold on to the Gothic series’ style of audio, but are improving the audio experience with excessive and intensive sound design. All of the weapon and fighting sounds are recorded from scratch. Using daggers, different swords (Albion swords are sounding awesome), real axes, massive metal pieces (like parts of rails) and so on, we got tons of new material to work with. We recorded all the monsters’ basic sounds as well. As you can see in my “sound design” category, we went out to record some animals for ArcaniA’s monster sounds, as well as human voices. Once we are finished, you will never recognize that the monster sounds came originally from human beings. Using FMod again to implement the sounds into the game, we try to push the atmosphere of the game as far as we can.
Watch a part of the monster recordings here: Wild Cats Recording
Arcania’s official homepage: